T    H    I    S         I    S         M    E.   .


Anna Lisabeth is an artist and poet based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Growing up, Anna's mother always encouraged creative expression. 

She nurtured a curiosity within her daughter, one that has thankfully endured throughout all of her years. In her youth, Anna frequently skipped around between many different forms of creation, always content with the arts at her fingertips. Now, at the age of 24, Anna's heart has found a happy home sitting somewhere between the delicate practices of writing and poetic illustration.

Anna's artistic pursuits are an honest study of the world around her. She is always striving to explore life from the perspective of creation, inspired by the artistically progressive community of her home state, and the wonder-filled privilege of this life. Some of her favorite tools include watercolor, charcoal, and ink. 

Anna's business is centered on poetic expression. Her words and artwork both reflect a deeper narrative that Anna is continuing to explore. Some of the themes that can easily be traced through Anna's work include: grief, the brevity of life, complex femininity, and the incredible difficulty of being human. 

If you have an inquiry, or would like to know more, you can get in touch with Anna here.


Photos by Belu Photography


Maybe that’s how we’re born into this world -
not stars, but constellations.
For each child a mother,
and for each mother, a village.
Perhaps it’s better to be known like that -
not as a single name attempting to be light,
but rather as the many hands that reached out
to link fingers with yours
in the most incredible
— Anna Lisabeth